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Libera Mentis counsellor, ready with an open, non judgmental, empathic ear

About Me

I come from a varied background, born and raised in a large family in London, UK with roots in Northern Ireland and Trinidad & Tobago and lots of exploration through extensive travel. My life experiences have shaped how I see things, making me  really  understand the working intricacies of people. In my work I bring an open mind, genuine empathy, and deep respect for the rich tapestry of people’s experiences. I've learned to value each person and the wisdom that comes from different perspectives along the way.

About Libera Mentis

A helping hand to counselling & pyschotherapy

I chose the name Libera Mentis because it means "Free Mind" and I truly hope to help you free your mind and spirit from life's challenges. Life can be so tough, presenting various mental health problems like anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship issues. So, I create a safe space where you can talk openly about what's bothering you and work towards feeling better. I use different methods to help you understand your issues, find effective ways to cope, and make positive changes in your life.

I use Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet for online therapy, letting you connect from wherever you're comfortable. Talking from your own space can make you feel more at ease and open, leading to a more relaxed and genuine conversation. Your privacy is important, and I ensure a confidential and supportive environment for everyone.


To take the initial step toward a happier and healthier life, please do connect with us through our contact page or by making a booking.

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