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“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”

Hubert Humphrey

I am counsellor therapist in Surrey. My goal is to provide professional counselling services that are accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world. Through online counselling sessions, I can offer clients a comfortable and confidential setting to discuss the issues that are affecting their lives. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or relationship problems, my counselling services can help you find a way forward.


In counselling for narcissistic abuse, you can expect a supportive environment to talk about what you've been through. The focus is on understanding how the workings of such relationships, figuring out your feelings, and learning how to cope. We will help you rebuild your self-esteem, set healthy boundaries, and feel stronger. Our goal is to guide you through the process of healing, so you can regain your confidence and create a happier and more empowered life.

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In trauma counselling, you can expect a compassionate and understanding space to explore your experiences and emotions. The process involves gradually addressing and making sense of the traumatic event(s), allowing for the expression of feelings in a supportive environment. We will guide you in finding ways to cope with the impact of trauma, so you can start feeling stronger and more in control. The goal is to work towards healing, helping you regain a sense of control over your life, and help you rebuild and move forward toward a better emotional state.


In counselling for domestic abuse, you can expect a safe place to discuss your experiences openly. The emphasis is on understanding the dynamics of abusive relationships and finding ways to ensure your safety. A skilled counselor will guide you in exploring your emotions, establishing boundaries, and offering practical advice on rebuilding your life. The focus is on assisting you in breaking free from the cycle of abuse, rebuilding self-esteem, and providing support as you work towards creating a safer and healthier future. We will listen, help you work through challenges, and work with you on strategies for your well-being.


Faithful & Spiritual

Imagine having a conversation with a supportive guide who respects your beliefs. We are here help you explore your faith and spirituality, and offer guidance on how they can be sources of strength and comfort. Together, we'll navigate life's challenges, drawing on the wisdom of your faith to find peace, purpose, and a deeper connection with what matters most to you. It's like having a caring companion on your journey of spiritual and emotional well-being.


In grief counselling, you can expect understanding and comfort as you talk about the mix of emotions that come with losing someone close. We will listen to your stories, memories, and struggles without judgment, offering guidance on how to cope with the pain. We work together on finding ways to remember and celebrate your loved one's life while adjusting to the changes that come with their absence. It's a gradual journey of healing, helping you work through the tough times and eventually finding a new normal, all while keeping the connection with your loved one alive in your heart.


In anxiety and depression counselling, we create a comfortable space for you to openly discuss the challenges you're facing. We will listen and offer understanding as well as practical guidance to help you through the difficult emotions. Together, we will delve into strategies to improve your overall mood, as well as develop effective coping mechanisms for anxiety. The aim is to support your well-being and help you find a better balance, so that you can rediscover joy in your day-to-day life.

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In stress counselling, we explore the source and impact of stress on your well-being. We will guide you, offering insights into stress management techniques and providing valuable tools to lesson the effects of stressors. Together, we'll figure out what works best for you, aiming to bring more calm and balance into your everyday life.

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Our Clients Say

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"I cannot thank you enough. I felt so stuck and just the opportunity to be heard and have my thoughts guided to look at things from a different perspective, has been life changing."
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